100 Garage Gym Ideas – Inspirational Home Gym Photos to Help You Brain Storm

You made it to the last page! Kudos. Certainly by now you’ve seen something of interest in this among the one hundred garage gym ideas we’ve presented you with. Some of them may not be the best home gym you’ve seen, but they all get the job done.

We all have to make use with what we have, and fact of the matter is that we don’t all have big houses and/or mansions to play with. Half of us are lucky to even own a garage to think about toying with and putting workout machines inside of.

As you browse through these last ten home gym ideas implemented by your fellow fitness enthusiasts on their gym ventures, start to envision what you want to turn your garage or home into and what exercise equipment you will need for such endeavors.

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Wooden Crossfit Garage Gym Theme, Organized And Clean Looking With Barbells And Dumbbells.

This gome gym is packed with ropes and pullup bars. An upper body workout designed training room.

This Home Gym Has Hammocks, That's Right. Ropes And Thick Mat On Wooden Garage Gym Flooring.

A Garage Gym Preventing A Car From Entering, But Only Temporarily. Stylish And Organized.

Strength Training On The First Floor Hot Yoga And Pilates On The Section. Garage Gym And Home Gym Perfection.

Home Gym Packed With Wall Climbing, A Fire Place, And Even A Basketball Hoop.

Garage Gym Flooring On Point, Colorfull Free Weights, Bench Press And Swuat Reck, Lets Get Gains.

A Beauty Of A Home Gym. Very Easily Cleaned Up For The Car To Enter, Just Move The Treadmill.

Paradise Crossfit Garage Gym On Display. Hit The Weights After Surfing All Day, Bamboo Wood On The Walls.

A Pure Way To End This List, This Garage Gym Photo Is A Perfect Example Of An Organized Home Gym.

Use These Garage Gym Ideas to Build Your Home Gym

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed viewing these home gym photos as much as we enjoyed putting them all together! More so, we hope that you were able to get inspired to build your own garage gym by some of the ones you encountered along the way.

Before you head on over to our Gym Equipment Names and Pictures Directory and learn more about the various exercise machines out there; we know how eager you are to get started, but why don’t we first address some of the benefits of building a home gym in the garage?

The Benefits of Building a Garage Gym

Here are some of the perks we leave you with to consider when deciding on whether you should put some exercise machines and other workout equipment in your garage, aside from just parking your car.

You Save Time

According to almost every survey known to man on “reasons preventing you from exercising,” not enough time was the overwhelming answer. Having a garage gym eliminates the travel time to and from the gym, which can easily save you an hour or more a day; not to even mention those traffic days!

You Save Money

Directly correlated to the time saving aspect of investing in a home gym, the less you drive the less money you spend on gas. More importantly, the initial upfront investment for a home gym more than pays itself off in the long run, when compared to a gym membership. Membership money you will never get back, but once you buy the machines, they’re yours to own!

You Become More Efficient

No waiting for equipment, no chit-chat with sometimes pointless and direction-less topics. No planning around busy gym times and/or gym classes. You’re on your own schedule, which means you’ll essentially get more done in a shorter period of time. Before long you’ll ask yourself why people go to those public gyms anyway, when building a garage gym is clearly offering so many benefits.

You Increase Your Success Rate

Because working out will feel less like a chore, and more like a natural thing to do at home, you success rate will be on the up. You’ll do things in the comfort of your own home that you wouldn’t normally do at the gym (i.e. grunting, yoga, cardio, etc.). These are all critical components to a proper strength training exercise regiment as well as an overall healthy lifestyle.

You’re Around Your Family More

There is nothing more important than spending the short time we have on this planet with our loved ones.Whether it’s your husband/wife, kids, or parents. By owning a home gym in the garage you’ll not only see each other more, but you have the opportunity to workout together and motivate each other along the way! Think of the fun that comes along with pushing each other to the next level of fitness.

Awesome, thanks for sticking around and viewing our garage gym photos! Please take a second and help us spread the word by sharing this with fellow fitness enthusiasts. It really helps our site and helps others looking for ideas! – Team Gymventures

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