Best Fat Burners for Men (Updated Guide for 2020)

Choosing among the best fat burners for men that are out there can be a little overwhelming.

One of the biggest struggles of life in this day and age of product saturation is the quest to get and stay in shape, by choosing the right products along the way.

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10 Highest Rated Fat Burners for Men

Everyone knows that diet and exercise are the major keys to losing weight in the healthiest way possible, but some may not know about the fat burning alternatives that are available.

While there may have been a day when supplements were suspicious, now there are many that have been well-reviewed, thoroughly researched, and proven effective. However, not all fat burning supplements are created the same, as they vary greatly in complexity, price, and strategy.

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The list we’ve put together is an accumulation of much experience and user testimonials. Weight loss is one of the biggest topics in the fitness industry and the amount of products associated with the topic is easily in the hundreds if not thousands.

We did the heavy lifting for you, however, and put together these ten proven ones to consider for your weight loss goals.

#1 – Instant Knockout

1. Instant Knockout 300x221

Lowest price we found


  • Zinc Helps Increase Testosterone
  • Glucomannan Suppresses Appetite
  • Green Tea Extract Boosts Metabolism
  • Helps Break Down Carbohydrates
  • Provides Hardcore Fat Loss

Key Factors

As the big, fist-shaped bottle suggests, Instant Knockout was initially created to help MMA fighters, boxers, and wrestlers with their grueling weight cuts. To accomplish this, Instant Knockout includes 10 different ingredients that are known to burn fat.

The three primary fat burners are Green Tea Extract, Glucomannan, and Cayenne Pepper, and each serves important roles in effort to melt your fat away.

For example, a study from 2009 revealed that Cayenne Pepper has significant appetite suppressing effects, and Green Tea Extract contains EGCG, which is a potent stimulant.

Closer Look

Instant Knockout uses mostly natural stimulants and vitamins in its fat burning mix, and although a red dye is included in the other ingredients, there is only four of them, so that’s much less than the average supplement uses to form their capsules. Some hardcore bodybuilders don’t like a lot of extras like vitamins and minerals included in their fat burner, but the extra vitamin B variations definitely serve a purpose in Instant Knockout.

At the official price of $59 for a 30 day supply, Instant Knockout is among the most expensive supplements on the market, but with 10 active ingredients and by far the most original packaging, the premium pricing isn’t really a surprise.

Bottom Line

It’s no coincidence that Instant Knockout is served in a bottle shaped like a big fist, because it’s loaded with 10 fat burners that are likely to pack a punch for any athlete.

No one has pressure to shred weight like MMA fighters and boxers, and Instant Knockout is made to help them do it as quickly and safely as possible. Don’t expect to find it at a basic price, because Instant Knockout is an advanced fat burner with ingredients that are backed by science.

#2 – Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor Super Hd 300x300

Lowest price we found


  • Niacin Assists with Nerve Function
  • Caffeine and Tyrosine Provide Energy
  • Yohimbe Removes Stored Fat
  • Nootropic Ingredients Improve Mood
  • Red Pepper Extract Helps Fat Absorption

Key Factors

As a thermogenic supplement, Cellucor Super HD can help boost your fat loss when coupled with the right diet. One unique thing about this supplement is the inclusion of their Sensory Impact Blend, which has a positive impact on your mood and will leave you feeling excellent with minimal jitters.

With Cellucor Super HD, you’ll have the support and energy to push through your day, even if you are on a strict diet like Vegan or Paleo.

Closer Look

Not all customers are looking for the same things in their supplements, so some will be turned off by the mood-enhancing aspects of Cellucor Super HD. Nonetheless, nootropics are definitely an advantage to the majority of athletes, and there is credibility in the idea of enhancing workouts and minimizing jitters by including mood improving ingredients, such as those found in their Sensory Impact Blend.

Bottom Line

Cellucor Super HD offers a highly-innovative blend that gives as much concern to your mental well-being and nerves as it does to your metabolism. Different enough to be worth a try for anyone, Cellucor Super HD will boost your energy level and burn fat, and the nootropics will improve how you feel throughout the process.

#3 – Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite 158x300

Lowest price we found


  • Green Coffee Extract for Extra Fat Burning
  • Yohimbe Bark to Remove Stored Fat
  • Caffeine from Theobromine and Cocoa Beans
  • Includes Coleus Forskohlii
  • Powder or Pill Options

Key Factors

Made by one of the world’s leading supplement manufacturers, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is an award-winning fat burner that delivers a powerful blend that burns fat in four distinct ways. It not only helps to burn fat, but also increases energy, provides mental clarity, and gives you the boost you need during a workout.

Another great aspect of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is its transparency: It contains no proprietary blend, instead containing carefully researched and formulated ingredients.

Closer Look

As the strongest form of arguably the most popular fat burner on the market, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite lives up to its name in all regards. This means that the multiple types of stimulants combine to make a powerful blend that can easily cause jitters in those who are susceptible to caffeine-related symptoms. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is more powerful than most, and those with sensitive stomachs may not handle it well.

Bottom Line

If sheer fat burning power is what you need, then Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite has you covered. With multiple stimulants, awards from, and a highly-recognizable name, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is the top fat burner for numerous athletes.

#4 – BSN HyperShred

4. Bsn Hypershred 300x300

Lowest price we found (Currently unavailable)


  • Chromium for Insulin Management
  • Nootropic Ingredients Help Mental Focus
  • Uses Extract of Black and Red Peppers
  • Includes Vitamin B and Caffeine
  • No Geranium or Filler

Key Factors

BSN is a paragon in the supplements industry, and it’s clear that they put a lot of time and research into creating a supplement with the most effective ingredients possible. HyperShred not only helps you burn fat, but also increases your energy and focus.

Additionally, HyperShred takes the unique approach of incorporating important branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids are metabolized in the muscles, leading to muscle recovery and avoiding muscle breakdown.

Combined with added ingredients that help mental focus, HyperShred is an effective fat burner that uses high quality ingredients to help you burn fat and get lean.

Closer Look

With multiple proprietary blends and a long list of ingredients, there is a lot going on with HyperShred. Unfortunately, that includes nine other ingredients and three dyes that are just there to make the pill look good.

While it’s great that it burns fat and uses some potent ingredients, it’s not necessary to force consumers to consume nasty chemicals like FD&C Red 40 and Black Iron Oxide in every pill, when many fat burners only use natural ingredients for their capsules.

Bottom Line

For a strong fat burning supplement that does a lot at an affordable price, look no further than HyperShred. The unique combination of traditional stimulants like caffeine, with lesser used nootropics such as Bacopa and Toothed Club Moss makes for a distinct fat burner that is truly unlike the rest.

#5 – RSP Nutrition QuadraLean

Rsp Nutrition Quadralean 300x300

Lowest price we found


  • Stimulant Free Blend
  • Contains CLA
  • Includes Raspberry Ketones
  • Burns Fat with 3-types of L-carnitine
  • Enhances Mood & Suppresses Appetite

Key Factors

With no caffeine or stimulants, this fat burner accelerates your metabolism without making you feel jittery. Instead, it uses natural ingredients, such as garcinia cambogia to increase your metabolism.

Garcinia Cambogia limits the enzyme production that turns carbohydrates into fat. It also has the additional benefit of stabilizing your mood, which is another excellent function of garcinia cambogia. The other key ingredients each serve important roles, with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) to break down fat, and L-Carnitine to boost metabolism.

Closer Look

Many people will be drawn to the stimulant free aspect of RSP Nutrition QuadraLean, and it is excellent for those who care about natural ingredients and over-stimulation. That said, the lack of stimulants will turn off a certain percentage of people who want to feel their supplement working, and many will question the power of a supplement that doesn’t use caffeine, Yohimbe, or any of the other highly-stimulating ingredients seen in most fat burners.

Bottom Line

QuadraLean is so named because of its 4-tier approach, and the fact that it does not include stimulants is particularly impressive. Clean eaters will appreciate the natural elements, and those who prefer their fat burner with no stimulants may find QuadraLean to be their perfect fat burner.

#6 – Beast 2 Shredded

Beast 2 Shredded

Lowest price we found


  • Caffeine and Green Tea Extract Boost Metabolism
  • Includes Chromium for Metabolizing Carbs
  • Salicin from White Willow Bark Increases Overall Effectiveness
  • Dandelion and Horsetail help Water Retention
  • Orange Mango Flavored Powder

Key Factors

An innovative and premium fat burner from Beast Sports, Beast 2 Shredded was nominated for Supplement of the Year by in 2014. There is no doubt that their unique approach to thyroid control as part of the fat burning process played a large part in the popularity of Beast 2 Shredded.

The other key factor that most supplements don’t address is their focus on minimizing water retention, a smart approach that works well with a fat burner.  Overall, Beast 2 Shredded attacks fat from 5 different angles, ranging from regulating temperature to suppressing appetite.

Closer Look

Although a creative and proven fat burner that has been nominated for awards, Beast 2 Shredded charges a premium price for their powder, with 45 servings available for well over $1 per dose at $52.99.

Speaking of powder, Beast Sports went all-in on the hope that their customers dig Orange Mango, because that’s the only available flavor from the official Beast Sports website.

Bottom Line

If there were a factor to rate the likelihood that a fat burner would work, Beast 2 Shredded would score extremely high, simply because of the many approaches it takes. If boosting your metabolism isn’t the most powerful method for your body, then Beast 2 Shredded also brings anti-water retention, thyroid control, and appetite suppression, among other functions.

With some innovative approaches and reliable ingredients, Beast Sports has created a premium fat burner that truly sets itself apart from the rest.

#7 – USPLabs EpiBurn Pro

Usplabs Epiburn Pro 187x300

Lowest price we found


  • Contains Natural Herbal Ingredients that Aid Fat Loss
  • Includes Yohimbe Bark as a Metabolism Booster
  • Vitamins and Amino Acids Included
  • Active Ingredients are Natural
  • Each Capsule Contains 100mg of Caffeine

Key Factors

With dozens of supplements on the market, USP Labs is no stranger to the fitness industry. Their fat burning supplement, EpiBurn Pro, consists of a basic proprietary blend that features a combination of barks, seeds, and leaf extracts.

The only other main ingredient listed is caffeine, so the natural aspects initially seem like a positive for EpiBurn Pro. Furthermore, the fact that a serving consists of just one pill, and each pill equals an even 100 mg of caffeine, both make EpiBurn Pro a highly stackable supplement that can combine nicely with other ingredients.

Closer Look

While the natural key ingredients make the product appealing, the other ingredients list reads like a toxic crossword puzzle, with each chemical sounding legitimately worse than the last. For example, Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, and FD&C #2 are among the nasties you’ll be ingesting with each pill.

Yes, they are in small increments, but when other supplements forgo their elaborate designs to keep it natural and only include natural ingredients like gelatin to form their capsules, then it’s worth pointing out the companies that don’t.

Bottom Line

Supplements are among the most complex products on the market, as they can serve a wide array of functions for different types of people. If you don’t care about the dies and questionable ingredients that form the capsules, then the natural main ingredients of EpiBurn Pro will be that much more appealing.

Including everything from potent Yohimbe bark, to Nelumbo Nucifera Seed Extract, the primary ingredients are as natural as it gets, with each one of them coming from a plant or herb. For a combination of herbal fat burners and metabolism stimulants at a fair price, USPLabs EpiBurn Pro is an excellent choice.

#8 – Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts 150x300

Lowest price we found


  • Reduces Estrogen and Cortisol Production
  • Muscle Hardening and Sculpting
  • Includes Vitamin D for Added Immune Boosting
  • Includes Chromium to aid Insulin Management
  • Contains Green Tea Extract and Caffeine for Metabolism Boost

Key Factors

From the flashy packaging that clearly stands out on the shelf, to the list of potent ingredients that do a number of different things, a bottle of Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts has all the power you’d expect from the man himself.

Following a 3-in-1 formula that boosts metabolism and ensures you keep levels of cortisol and estrogen to a minimum, Arnold’s Iron Cuts sets the goal of getting you shredded in a time span of just a few weeks.

Whereas some fat burners stick to a single plan and are rather simplistic, Arnold Series Iron Cuts seeks to burn fat, boost muscle, and maintain fluid levels using a slew of potent ingredients.

Closer Look

At over one dollar per serving, the official price of Arnold Series Iron Cuts is significantly higher than a lot of others on the shelf. That said, the proprietary blends inherent in Arnold’s Iron Cuts make it unlike anything else out there, especially in its innovative attempts at controlling estrogen.

For those who have a limited budget for supplements, smaller sample packages are available so you can try a few samples of Arnold Iron Cuts for under $10.

Bottom Line

As arguably the most high-profile bodybuilding celebrity of all time, it’s safe to expect any product with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name on it to be of top quality. Arnold Series Iron Cuts are no exception, as they excel in terms of their large variety of potent ingredients, and in their innovative approach to fat burning.

Attempting to control levels of estrogen and cortisol is a truly unique strategy, and it’s combined with powerful fat burners and muscle boosters for a supplement that lives up to the prestigious Arnold name.

#9 – MusclePharm CLA Core

Musclepharm Cla Core 171x300

Lowest price we found


  • No Caffeine or Sugar
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Helps the Body Recover
  • Curbs Appetite
  • Healthy Source of CLA

Key Factors

With no sugar or caffeine, Muscle Pharm CLA Core takes advantage of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a healthy fatty acid that promotes fat loss.

CLA is known to help you lose fat without losing muscle mass, so it’s an excellent ingredient to see in a fat burner. It’s also refreshing to see a host of natural ingredients that are each loaded with health benefits, such as avocado oil and virgin olive oil.

Advantages of avocado oil are wide ranging, and include antioxidant properties, strengthening blood vessels, and improving both hair and skin. The emphasis on natural ingredients extends to their “Other Ingredients”, which luckily only consists of gelatin.

Closer Look

While the natural aspects of this product are appealing and the CLA might be right for a certain percentage of customers, there is one fact that acts as a drawback for this product: CLA has never been proven to help weight loss specifically.

Every professional source lists its potential at fighting ailments from cancer to obesity, but also states that effects vary from patient to patient. This simply means that there is no guarantee that Muscle Pharm CLA Core will work to burn fat for every customer, just because CLA hasn’t been extensively proven yet.

Bottom Line

This product takes the CLA that’s inherent in some foods, and delivers it in concentrated form, going all-in on its fat burning potential. While it’s widely accepted as a strong fat burner in the fitness industry, the science isn’t there yet, but since everything else included in Muscle Pharm CLA Core is natural, minimal, and beneficial, this product is worth taking a chance on.

#10 – Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate

Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate 300x300

Lowest price we found


  • Has Yohimbine HCL for Fat Mobilization
  • Includes Cocoa Extract Theobromine
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Fat-absorbing Liquid Capsule
  • Available in 10 or 60 Capsule Bottles

Key Factors

For those who need a fat burner that is specifically geared towards potency, so much so that it only requires one pill per dose, then Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate might be ideal for you.

The manufacturer offers this fat burner in 60 capsule bottles, so customers can ensure that they can handle it before making a larger investment. The main ingredients include known and trusted fat burners like caffeine anhydrous, Yohimbe, and Advantra-Z.

Closer Look

While the key ingredients in Nutrex Lipo-6 are completely legit, the other ingredients section is ugly, and includes a slew of dyes and mystery chemicals. At least five ingredients fall into this questionable category, including FD&C Blue 1, Hydromellose QSP, and Polysorbate 80. In the world of supplements, the less extra, non-effective chemicals going into your body, the better.

Needless to say, it would be ideal to see only a few natural ingredients in the “Other Ingredients” category rather than eight that include three dyes which is the case here.

Bottom Line

When people look for fat burners, a certain percentage care about potency and intensity above all else. For those type of people who simply want the strongest fat burner possible in a single pill, Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate may be the ideal supplement.

If you’re someone who cares about not putting extra dyes in your body, then some of the ingredients in this product will probably bother you. Nonetheless, there is no mystery in the main ingredients, as each is a powerful fat burner, and many will find it refreshing to not have to swallow multiple pills per dose.

Guide to Fat Burning Supplements for Men

If you are looking to lose an extra bit of body fat and lean up, the top ten fat burners for men can help you get the job done. Fat burners help to burn off extra pounds by increasing your metabolism with natural herbs and nutrients.

Not only that, but many fat burners curb your appetite, increase your energy, and improve your overall health. Anyone can benefit from fat burners, whether you are a diehard exercise king or just beginning a new lifestyle change.

That being said, not all fat burners are the same. Different ingredients help with different mechanics in your body. Some fat burners are nothing more than a collection of herbs. The highest quality fat burners include useful ingredients to make the most out of your exercise.

Some will include nootropics that improve your mood while boosting metabolism, while others will serve up a massive dose of energy. Whatever their method, each of these top fat burners has a common goal: To help you burn fat and get shredded.

What Are They?

While millions of people drink coffee and tea as a stimulant on a daily basis, not many people may know that there are many other stimulants on the market besides caffeine, and dozens of them contribute to fat loss.

Fat burners are blends that combine ingredients that boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and serve various functions towards the overall goal of getting rid of body fat. A typical dose will range between one and three capsules, and it’s always recommended to consume extra water while taking them.

Within ten to thirty minutes, most fat burners will start to reveal their stimulant properties, with many providing an intense energy boosts that is highly noticeable.

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Who Can Benefit from a Good Fat Burner?

The main groups of men who will gravitate towards fat burners are those who are overweight and trying different methods to get in shape, or elite athletes who will spare no expense to perform at their absolute peak.

Athletes in almost all sports, from track and field to MMA, have all been known to use supplements to prepare for competition. Anyone who has fitness goals, and a desire to get rid of body fat for any reason can benefit from taking fat burners.

That said, different types of fat burners will work better for different people depending on their needs and preferences. For example, if you take your fat burner while sitting in the office at work, then a fat burner with less extreme stimulants maybe preferable. Conversely, those who implement the extra energy from their fat burner into a workout will want the strongest supplement possible.

Whether you’re less experienced and hoping to shed unwanted fat as you begin your fitness routine, or you’re a hardcore athlete who’s training at top levels, with some experimentation, you can find a fat burner that’s optimal for your goals.

Do They Work?

Those who are inexperienced with supplements often view them as unpredictable in terms of their validity and side effects. This is mostly because supplements are not subject to regulation by the FDA, hence all of the asterisks that follow the claims of each supplement.

Those side notes are there because the claims of metabolism boosting and calorie burning are not always backed by science. While less scrupulous supplements may have been prevalent in previous decades, the internet makes it possible to read hundreds of reviews, and to see which supplements are legit and which are trying to cash in on false claims.

Official Research

While a brand’s official website and the reviews of other websites can provide valuable info about a supplement, the most reliable research comes from studies that have been done on specific ingredients.

Only through academic research studies can real benefits of substances be measured, so supplement brands that pay for their blends to undergo official studies are much more credible than others. For instance, Hydroxycut is among the most popular brands of fat burners and has actually had strong research backing its results.

Whether a blend has been officially tested is not necessarily a requirement of a top quality supplement, but knowing the research is there makes it a more reliable purchase.

How Do They Work?

Everyone has their own perception of the body areas that need toning, but there are common areas that tend to store fat. Whether it’s your love handles or thighs, Buddha belly or double chin, most people have one or more areas that tend to harbor unwanted fat.

Some ingredients used in fat burning supplements have been proven to initiate processes that contribute to getting rid of these fat areas. These functions range from expediting your metabolism, to creating a thermogenic state where your body begins burning fat.

In almost all cases, specific workouts can be used to target areas you may deem as problem areas that harbor excess fat. Combined with a low-carb diet and consistent workout, fat burners can provide the extra edge to finally get rid of fat in common problem areas like the gut, hips, and thighs.

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Taking the Most Effective Dosage

While each dose is specified by each corresponding brand, these dosages aren’t regulated by the FDA, and should therefore be approached with caution.For example, a supplement like Jet Fuel Pyro lists a dose as three capsules, but you may have a better experience starting with one or two, and gradually building up to a full dose.

Also notable is that there are different strategies for taking fat burners, especially if you’re also taking a pre-workout, creatine, or some other supplements. For example, depending on the ingredients and functions of your fat burner, you may start with a lighter dosage and gradually increase frequency leading up to an event.

For questions about the dosage of a particular ingredient, medical websites like Web MD have detailed info on common supplement ingredients like Yohimbe.

The Many Functions of Good Fat Burners

The process of burning fat via supplements is not confined to a single method. In fact, it’s fairly common for a single fat burning capsule to serve four or more different functions.

The most popular and effective of these methods includes boosting metabolism, restraining appetite, off-loading water, and providing extra energy to burn more calories. A lot of brands will try to differentiate their product by relying on one innovative aspect to set themselves apart.

For example, Beast 2 Shredded is a popular and award-winning fat burner that includes the rare function of thyroid support as part of its blend. If the energy boosts from most fat burners is too much for you or your digestive system, then supplements are available without stimulants as well.

Tips for Using Safe Fat Burners

When taken properly, all of the fat burners on this list are safe, and some include enough vitamins and natural ingredients to be considered healthy.

That said, there are a handful of things to keep in mind when using any fat burner, and each of them will ensure that you don’t run into any physical issues or nasty side effects. The first tip is one that is probably on the label of every supplement, and that’s to take it with plenty of water. Staying hydrated is extra important while taking fat burners, since most contain dehydrating ingredients like caffeine.

Speaking of caffeine, the second tip for staying safe with fat burners is to be aware of what you’re consuming while on the fat burner. For example, if you’re in the habit of drinking three cups of coffee at work first thing in the morning, but you forget that you took your fat burner, you could have a tough time staying focused while 500 grams of caffeine surge through your body.

The third tip is that directions will often vary between brands, so ensure that you check the amount of pills in a serving, and frequency of servings, before taking your supplements.

Important Factors to Consider

Fat burning supplements are fairly complex products, often containing many potent ingredients and serving a variety of functions within the body. This means there is a wide variance in how each approaches the fat burning process.

Some supplements will have only a few, clear cut ingredients, while others will have dozens of active ingredients, typically organized into proprietary blends. When shopping for fat burning supplements, it’s important to compare servings rather than individual capsules, because servings and dosage recommendations differ greatly between brands.

Price will be significantly different between top and bottom brands as well, with highly-recognizable brands like Arnold Series Iron Cuts charging a premium for an innovative blend attached to a big name.

Choosing the Best One for You

As you explore the top ten supplements available, some aspects are likely to be much more high priority than others.

If you’re part of the nutritionally-savvy, Whole Foods crowd, then the natural aspects of a supplement may be important. In that case, fat burners that use barks, seeds, and plant extracts will be preferable. Young, college age men tend to have less spending cash, and will probably gravitate towards more affordable supplements.

For those who put their fitness and athletic goals above all else, the absolute most potent fat burners will be ideal. Whatever you prioritize when shopping for a fat burner, shopping with a plan is likely to leave you with a smarter purchase.

Wrapping Up

Even among the top ten fat burners, there is a wide variation of blends, ingredients, and approaches to burning your fat away.

While some people will lean toward the ultra-intense, high-power fat burners like Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, others will prefer the stimulant-free fat burning power of RSP QuadraLean. Perhaps you prefer mood-enhancing nootropics in your fat burner, so BSN HyperShred or Cellucor Super HD would be optimal.

Whatever your priority and preference, there is a massive variety of fat burners available to help you shred fat and carve the hardest body possible.

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