10 Best Kinesiology Tapes for Rehab & Pain Management

A kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tape used to manage musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation obtained while exercising. The tapes are made of an elastic material to allow body mobility in areas they are worn. Kinesiology tape promotes recovery by supporting the injured tissues and facilitating lymphatic drainage on inflamed areas.


10 Best Agility Ladders for Speed Training

Agility training will help you burn calories and fat like you’ve never imagined. This nifty, affordable, and portable exercise equipment means you can take it with you wherever you go, all you need is a flat surface. The best agility ladder will not just provide you with the equipment, but recommended exercises and carrying equipment as well.

SKINS Dnamic Thermal Women’s Compression 3/4 Tights Review

The Dnamic Thermal Women’s Compression ¾ Tights are made to intensify your workouts. Designed to stretch with your body as you perform feats of strength, these tights provide protection and support. Like the SKINS shorts, the company made the tights with advanced materials to keep you dry during even the sweatiest of workouts.

SKINS Plus Luna Women’s Racer Back Top Review

The SKINS Plus Luna Women’s Racer Back Top is a lightweight and loose fitting tank that you can wear on the running track or in the weight room. Made from moisture wicking fabric, this tank kept me feeling dry during all types of workouts including an intense CrossFit session.

10 Best Women’s Compression Leggings

There are a wide variety of the best women’s compression leggings on the top ten list, and they range from basic to eclectic, with lower body support ranging from casual to hardcore. For maximum odds of a satisfied purchase, it’s a good idea to know which qualities are most important to you.


Choosing the Best Crossfit Shoes for a Killer Workout

Finding the best Crossfit shoes for your “Workout of the Day” and beyond just got easier. We’ve put together this handy guide for you in hopes of bringing you up to speed as to what you should look for, key features to examine when buying, review of some of the top Crossfit training shoes, and more. Investing in yourself just got a little easier, read on to learn more.


Best Elevation Training Masks – High Altitude Fitness Simulation

They don’t just make you look like Bane from the Batman movie, the best elevation masks replicate the effects of training at high altitudes. It’s no secret that top athletes go to high altitudes in order to boost their peak performance. Coming down to sea level much faster, stronger, and with a noticeable increase in their endurance.


Best Water Bottles for Fitness (Hydrate in Style!)

Choosing the right one for you, among the best water bottles out there, is not always easy. Once you decide to make fitness a regular part of your life, a reusable water bottle becomes your best friend, ensuring you stay healthy and hydrated through hours of activity.


Best Gym Shoes for Women (Updated Guide for 2020)

Let’s face it ladies, choosing the best gym shoes for women is not the easiest of tasks. The seemingly endless shoe racks and shoe isles in brick and mortar stores, combined with the endless pages of online selections is making my head spin as I type this.

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