student destressing in the library by doing yoga

Yoga Poses for Busy and Stressed Students

According to Tamara Woods, an educator at Big Assignments and State of Writing, “studies have found that only one yoga session is sufficient to increase someone’s speed and accuracy when they were tested afterward on memory and concentration.

importance of organic food

The Importance of Organic Food in Your Diet

The buzz about organic food has been going strong for a while and for all the good reasons. Seeing that we’re being more and more surrounded by processed foods and GMO, eating organic food has become a form of luxury, which is ludicrous, but true.


The Fat Acceptance Movement Examined

As the bewildered robot scoots away in hesitation not knowing what to do, the annoyed human aggressively reaches a little too far out and rocks himself out of his chair. EMERGENCY! As if an accident had just occurred, two robots immediately come in to redirect traffic out of the fallen human, who is on his back begging for help, similarly to when a turtle is turned over on its shell and rocks waving its limbs helplessly.


Health Benefits and Costs of Owning a Pet

Many homes choose to take on the blessings of pet ownership. Pets often fulfill the desire for companionship and can also indirectly connect pet owners with each other. They can be used for rehabilitation, service animals for the disabled, as emotional support animals, as the ultimate ice-breaker during social situations or simply becoming a new best friend.


What Does a Heart Rate Monitor Do?

There is no better indicator of how your workout is going than your heart. Heart rate monitors are the link between inner happenings/beating of your heart and your visuals on the outside.
It is this great benefit that comes with these devices that allows us to measure the level of intensity with which we are exercising and shift gears or adjust course as necessary.

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