How to Get the V-Taper Physique

Having the V-taper will make you look super aesthetic, improve your body language, your posture and hence will boost your self-confidence. One can say it is a multiplying factor for sexiness and handsomeness, when it comes to the dating scene.

How to Get Bigger Calves (Updated Guide for 2020)

Certain muscles tend to get tons of attention, regardless of their functional purpose. Calves are muscles that have both qualities: They are vital to athletic performance, and also impressive to look at on someone who’s put effort into building them.


Cardio Before or After Weights – Does It Really Matter?

Among the most widely debated issues in the world of fitness is whether to work on cardio before or after weights, and whether the order of the two workouts even matters. Although research does exist on the issue, it’s likely that even the most experienced personal trainers in your favorite gym would be split on which workout is ideal to start with.


Effective Dorm Room Workouts (Equipment & Exercises)

Dorm room workouts are important because college years are the most formidable and memorable years for millions of coming of age students throughout the world. A key aspect of life for kids who are lucky enough to attend a university is the fun and challenge of living in a dorm. From nosy resident advisers, to wildcard roommates, life in a dorm may inevitably require some adjustment.

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