20 Amazing Gyms Around the World (Stay Active While Traveling!)

People around the world recognize the need to exercise and have made it possible to do so almost anywhere at anytime. It can get boring doing the same gym routine. However, many gyms are designed around beautiful scenic views and offer various fitness programs that allow their members to spice up their regular routine. All gyms worldwide share the same goal and that is to keep people moving.


20 People Who Changed Fitness Forever

From legends of their sport, to people who have innovated the way we approach fitness, each person on this list has made a permanent and irrefutable mark on the fitness industry. Spanning numerous genres, from bodybuilding to swimming, tennis to martial arts, the people who have made their impact on the athletic masses each have their own compelling story.


23 Inspiring Fitness Motivational Quotes to Get You Going

Fitness motivational quotes serve one purpose, to fuel us with such adrenaline and willfulness that nothing could hold us back! Here are twenty-three of our favorites that, on multiple occasions, have helped us get back up on our feet, lift our head up and be filled with so much willpower which lasted far beyond the gym workout.

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