Best Testosterone Boosters (Updated Guide for 2020)

The best testosterone booster for your needs depends on many factors, including your physical, nutrition and health level. Mild forms of low testosterone can usually be mediated by taking an over the counter supplement.

Sometimes, all you need is the right combination of nutrients, antioxidants and boosters to help improve your stamina, endurance and overall health.

When you get the right supplement for your low T condition, you may notice the difference in real strength gains, increased mental acuity and even a relief from mild forms of depression.

Low testosterone affects millions of men, try one of the best testosterone booster supplements to try to remedy the situation.

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10 Highest Rated Men’s Testosterone Boosters

This list comprises ten of the best and most notable testosterone enhancing supplements on the market. Just because they have the same goal, does not mean they have the same approach, so as mentioned, it’s recommended to read about the additional effects of each supplement.

Also notable is that some use a key ingredient that is completely unique, and not available in any other products. In such cases, your only options are to trust in the research, or take the plunge and try the product yourself.

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Ultimately, this information is aimed at helping you in making an informed buying decision.

#1 – TestoFuel Testosterone Booster

Testofuel Testosterone Booster 273x300

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  • Aims to Reduce Stomach Fat
  • Increases Libido with DAA, Oyster, and Vitamin D
  • Designed for Minimal Side Effects
  • Replenishes Zinc
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee From Manufacturer

Key Factors

TestoFuel is a testosterone booster that uses all-natural ingredients like Fenugreek, Ginseng, and D-Aspartic Acid. The latter ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid is the largest dosed by far, at 2300 mg compared to other ingredients which have an average of only 100 mg.

Luckily, D-Aspartic Acid is no joke, as it’s a powerful amino acid that is known to increase testosterone levels by 50% within two weeks of use.

For the sex benefits, TestoFuel uses Oyster extract and Vitamin D, which are not Yohimbe or Horny Goat Weed, but may have a significant effect in combination with the testosterone.

One more thing to mention is that TestoFuel is only available from the manufacturer, and while that means it has a 90-day money back guarantee, it also means it’s the most expensive product on the list, at $70 for just 30 servings.

Who Makes It?

TestoFuel is the primary product of its manufacturer, and has a highly-detailed website dedicated to the supplement. For a site that covers a single product, this site is loaded, complete with videos, testimonials, before and after pics, and a section on the condition of low testosterone.

The website is also the only place to purchase TestoFuel, and it offers a solid money back guarantee for customers.

Bottom Line

If you’re buying TestoFuel above others, you’re essentially betting everything on D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), the amino acid that comprises over 75% of this supplement. That said, DAA is shown to improve testosterone levels by a significant amount, and plays a role in boosting muscle and limiting estrogen.

Adding 2400 mg of DAA into your body is definitely going to make a difference, but whether it justifies passing others on the list for the $69 per month price tag is up to you and your budget. We personally think it is well worth the investment in yourself.

#2 – Cellucor COR  Performance ZMA

Cellucor Cor Performance Zma 134x300

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  • 2400 mg of ZMA, a Known Testosterone Booster
  • Tribulus Included to Increase T-levels
  • Melatonin Enhances Sleep Quality
  • Ideal for Those who Hit the Gym at Night
  • Seven Total Ingredients

Key Factors

Cellucor COR Performance ZMA is the first testosterone supplement to include a strong, 2400 mg dose of ZMA, a substance proven to enhance muscle growth and testosterone production. Assisting the ZMA is Tribulus, an ingredient commonly used in T-boosters for its potent effects.

Aside from the potent doses of ZMA, the other unique thing about this supplement is the fact that you take it before bedtime. Melatonin is a naturally occurring substance in the brain that assists with sleep, and Cellucor COR Performance ZMA contains both melatonin and GABA to ensure you sleep soundly.

Who Makes It?

Cellucor is unique among supplement companies due to their emphasis on non-stimulant versions of popular types of supplements. Everything in their COR Performance series is free of stimulants, and can therefore stack with each other, and just about any other type.

The Cellucor website has suggestions for stacking their popular supplements, in addition to blogs, advice, and other info from pro-athletes.

Bottom Line

Cellucor used a completely different approach with its ZMA testosterone booster. Rather than load you up with stimulants, ZMA goes to work while your sleeping, and ensures you stay asleep with sedatives like melatonin.

While gym rats who love the rush may prefer more traditional t-boosters, Cellucor ZMA packs a lot of potency due to the massive dose of the unique and effective key ingredient.

#3 – Universal Nutrition Animal Test

Universal Nutrition Animal Test 207x300

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  • Balances Estrogen and Testosterone Levels
  • Arachidonic Acid Supports Increased Testosterone Levels
  • Designed for Bodybuilders
  • Yohimbe Supports Sex Drive and Energy Levels
  • Adds to Muscle Endurance and Boosts Recovery

Key Factors

A self-proclaimed hypertrophic pro-testosterone supplement, Animal Test is a no-nonsense testosterone booster from Universal Nutrition.

Each dose of Animal Test is loaded with nine ingredients, three of which are part of their Hypertrophic Response Complex. Offering 4,000 mg of hormone controlling ingredients, Animal Test gives a strong dose of hormones that’s intended for highly-active men who care about growing muscle.

Who Makes It?

Universal Nutrition is deeply involved in the fitness industry, with their Animal Series of supplements, health snacks, and a fitness booster for every occasion.

Their website has tons of content, with detailed write ups on their products, as well as the company itself.

For a supplement website, their apparel is pretty cool, and a black and yellow tank top with a body builder logo on the back might be the perfect gift for the gym rat in your family.

Bottom Line

Since the dosages and price are fairly high, and a whole pack of pills is required with every serving, it will mostly be hardcore bodybuilders that gravitate towards Animal Test.

That said, those who pay the price in time, effort, and money will get the full benefits of this intense and powerful testosterone booster.

#4 – MuscleTech TEST HD

Muscletech Test Hd 148x300

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  • Contains Rare Ingredients Like Velvet Bean and Stinging Nettle Root
  • Shilajit is Included to Boost Testosterone
  • Helps Body Produce Testosterone Naturally
  • Works to Raise T-levels within Seven Days
  • Emphasizes Fast Absorption

Key Factors

Utilizing rare ingredients you won’t find elsewhere, TEST HD by MuscleTech is an innovative and inexpensive testosterone booster. As the first T-booster to feature a strong dose of Shilajit, a mineral found in the Himalayan Mountains, TEST HD takes an approach that’s completely new in the industry.

Shilajit is known to increase ATP levels in the blood, essentially resulting in a noticeable energy boost. Boron helps by limiting estrogen production, and Bioperine makes everything hit fast and hard.

Arguably the most enticing advantage of TEST HD is that you get 90 servings for just over $22. That’s far less expensive than almost all other quality T-boosters on the shelf.

Who Makes It?

MuscleTech is a company that is experienced in the fitness business, with five series of supplements, a line of protein bars, and a strong emphasis on research and development.

To learn more about their 20 years of researching the latest and most potent herbs and ingredients, check out this video from the resource portion of their website.

Bottom Line

With a bold goal of increasing free testosterone within seven days, TEST HD is truly an innovative testosterone booster. Combining reliable testosterone boosters like Tribulus with rare ingredients like Shilajit results in a powerful supplement that offers a lot of value in each dose.

#5 -Alpha  T1

Alpha T1 300x300

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  • 8 Clinically Proven Ingredients to Increase Muscle Gains
  • Decreases Body Fat through Mobilization
  • Repairs Muscle Tissue
  • Enhances Mental Clarity
  • Boost Sex Drive, Mood, and Libido

Key Factors

Alpha T1 is a highly-ambitious testosterone boosting supplement by Advantage Nutraceuticals. Not only does it boost muscle and t-levels like most testosterone boosters, but it also burns fat, enhances sex performance, and does it all with tried and true ingredients you’ve probably heard of.

For example, Horny Goat Weed is arguably the most popular herbal sex enhancer on the planet, and each dose of Alpha T1 has 100 mg of this potent ingredient.

For the testosterone building, Fenugreek and Tribulus are both known to get the job done, and the addition of Bioperine ensures that everything is absorbed quickly.

Who Makes It?

Advantage Nutraceuticals provides a specific website for their natural testosterone booster, Alpha T1. One thing that sticks out immediately is the 90-day money back guarantee, which is useful for those who may not know what they’re getting into with testosterone supplements.

For a page that focuses on one product, Advantage Nutraceuticals put detailed effort into the site, as it explains specific ingredients and key advantages to the product.

Bottom Line

Using reliable natural ingredients that boost energy, sex drive, and testosterone, Alpha T1 also functions as a fat burner with excellent bioavailability. Considering that the price is really good too, this highly-potent testosterone booster will be a favorite for a lot of people.

#6 – BPI Sports A-HD

Bpi Sports A Hd 269x300

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  • Helps Shed Water
  • Naturally Increases Testosterone
  • Reduces Conversion of Aromatase to Estrogen
  • Highly-researched Ingredients
  • Available in Capsules or Powder

Key Factors

Using all-natural ingredients, A-HD Elite was designed to get you more muscle gains, sex drive, and overall energy. To help you generate more testosterone, A-HD Elite uses a simple proprietary blend of five natural ingredients.

In addition to this, a 100% dose of Zinc is included, which is very common for sex drive boosters. Ultimately, the various seeds, roots, and flower extracts are unique ingredients, and may have a completely different effect on you than more commonly used components.

Who Makes It?

BPI Sports makes some of the most popular supplements to ever end up in a gym bag. These include everything from four different fat burners to a line of protein bars, and each is divided into the three goals of being fitter, stronger, and healthier.

Choosing a goal links to a page with more info and products that can help, showing that knowing your fitness goal is always a good plan before buying a supplement.

Bottom Line

Loaded with unique natural ingredients that are meant to boost your energy, T-level, and sex drive, A-HD Elite is also among the more affordable testosterone boosters on the market.

If you prefer your supplements to have all natural ingredients and to not be too heavy on the wallet, then perhaps the many roots, leaves, and plant extracts within A-HD Elite will work wonders for you.

#7 – PharmaFreak TEST FREAK

Pharmafreak Test Freak 212x300

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  • Clinically Tested Ingredients
  • 1000 mg Dose of Tribulus
  • Easy to Stack
  • Balances Estrogen and Testosterone
  • Provides Lasting Muscle Gains

Key Factors

Touting a 3-prong approach to boosting your testosterone and energy, TEST FREAK by PharmaFreak is the real deal. The primary ingredients it uses for testosterone creation are TESTOFEN and Tribulus and each are highly-effective in their own right.

Since zinc gets depleted during sexual activity, extra zinc is useful, and is in each dose of TEST FREAK. Finally, the anti-aromatase properties which limit estrogen production are provided by Resveratrol, Apigenin, and Hesperidin. This trifecta creates a testosterone boost that will take your gains to the next level.

Who Makes It?

The creatively named, PharmaFreak, developed over 20 supplements for all types of athletes. Find out valuable, behind the scenes fitness info from their blog, and see profiles of various athletes of both domestic and international origin.

The most notable aspect of the PharmaFreak website is the vast list of stacking combinations, which offer advanced ideas of how to use your supplements to optimal effect.

Bottom Line

With stiff doses of bold ingredients like TESTOFEN and Tribulus in addition to stimulants that matter, TEST FREAK is a potent testosterone booster at a premium price. It’s main advantages are the unique ingredients and a 3-part approach that sets it apart from the others on the shelf.

#8 – Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush 242x300

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  • Three Forms of Creatine for Enhanced Performance
  • No Sugar or Side Effects
  • Designed for use as a Pre-workout
  • Replenishes Zinc Lost in Sexual Activity
  • Seven Flavors Available

Key Factors

Essentially a pre-workout supplement with testosterone boosting benefits, Bullnox Androrush, or B-Nox as it’s called on the website, really packs a punch.

Bodybuilders will appreciate that there are three different kinds of creatine in B-Nox, and the doses are more than enough to boost muscle performance.

In addition to muscle boosting components, you can also expect a rush from B-Nox, as stimulants like caffeine anhydrous and theobromine are included in the formula.

Among the six proprietary blends in each scoop of B-Nox, are some for bioavailability and absorption, so expect to notice the effects quickly with B-Nox.

Who Makes It?

Betancourt Nutrition is completely dedicated to fitness, and to making supplements that help perfect the human body. Among these popular supplements are Creatine Plus, The Beef Standard, and Chewable Glutamine tablets.

Those who want to learn more from hardcore bodybuilders can watch a video featuring Jon Delarosa and peruse blogs and news from the bodybuilding industry.

Bottom Line

Bullnox is a serious testosterone booster that gives you a rush of multiple energy boosting, muscle building blends that are unlike anything else out there. If you like to see gains in muscle and get a noticeable energy boost and other benefits in the process, then B-Nox might be perfect for you.

#9 – MusclePharm Z-Core PM

Musclepharm Z Core Pm

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  • Restores Natural Sleep Levels to Promote Recovery
  • Contains Relaxing Ingredients like Melatonin
  • Uses Anabolic Mineral Formula
  • Helps Mental Acuity and Alertness
  • Designed to Improve Sexual and Physical Health

Key Factors

Combining mineral support with the extra goal of encouraging sleep, MusclePharm Z Core PM takes a unique approach to testosterone enhancement. Z Core PM uses Fenugreek to promote testosterone production within the body.

The “PM” aspect is that Z Core seeks to maximize your recovery by ensuring deep, uninterrupted sleep, which it does by including 3 mg melatonin. With only six ingredients total including four vitamins, Z Core PM is a highly-affordable blend that ensures you recover while you sleep.

Who Makes It?

MusclePharm is a powerhouse in the supplements industry, offering entire lines of products in categories like Fish Flax Oil Omegas and Post Workout Recovery. With an emphasis on science, MusclePharm creates a lot of popular products used by weightlifters and athletes throughout the world.

Bottom Line

The sleep enhancing aspect and low price are highlights of Z Core PM, a truly original testosterone booster from MusclePharm. If you like the idea of recovering while you sleep, then Z Core PM is a testosterone booster that won’t break your wallet.

#10 – Beast Nutrition Super Test

Beast Nutrition Super Test 300x287

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  • Maximizes Testosterone and Oxides
  • Strong dose of Anti-estrogens
  • Supports Liver and Kidney Function
  • Arginine Maximizes Nitric Oxide
  • Available in Capsules or Powder Form

Key Factors

Created strictly for the needs of active men, Super Test is a potent testosterone booster by Beast Nutrition. It enhances your body’s normal production of testosterone, in addition to offering support for liver and kidney function.

The boost of hormones also increases sex drive, so consider Super Test to be an ultra-manly blend that helps you in all the right areas.

Who Makes It?

Beast Nutrition is a company that produces dozes of top-quality, premium supplements and related products. These include potent formulas like Beast Mass, Creature, and 2 Shredded, each of which a fully-loaded power supplement in their own right.

For those who want to try the premium products of Beast Nutrition before buying them, they offer samples to those who sign up to the website.

Bottom Line

Focusing on muscle gains, enhanced libido, and the liver health to support it, Super Test is a top of the line testosterone booster from Beast Nutrition. Like all of their products, it uses potent amounts of the ingredients that matter, and is the favorite supplement of many hardcore lifters.

Testosterone Boosters Beginners Guide

Our list of the ten most impactful testosterone supplements on the market are reviewed above, and are accompanied by practical and proven information on the king of all hormones, testosterone.

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What Is Testosterone?

Hormones play a major role in how people act and develop. While females generate a hormone called estrogen, which gives them various feminine qualities, men develop testosterone.

Testosterone is single-handedly responsible for almost all manly behavior, including that aggressive energy that athletes need to compete and win.

Working out is known to increase testosterone, but for those who need an extra dosage to get their levels higher, reliable testosterone boosters are legal and available from top brands.

Does Testosterone Build Muscle?

The simple answer of why people who are perfectly healthy take additional testosterone is for the purpose of gaining muscle. Even if a man has a healthy sex life and is in pretty good shape, the world is constantly demanding perfection, and magazines are littered with men who look like super heroes and women who seem flawless.

The truth is that a lot of men feel a pressure to be constantly improving their looks the same way women do, and bigger muscles and a shredded body are goals for guys of all ages.

No one can deny that a shredded body gets more attention from the opposite sex than a doughy one, so a lot of men are motivated for the purpose of meeting women as well.

Whatever your reason, testosterone is proven to be one of the most valuable tools for enhancing muscle, but only when combined with a habit of working out.

How to Tell If You Need a Testo-Boost

Unlike supplements that give you a temporary boost and don’t make a major difference in your everyday life, testosterone can have a major influence on your energy, temperament, and emotions.

This means that if your T-levels are already fairly high, than the extra dose could make you more angry and aggressive than usual, or at least cause you to feel that way. That said, there are people who can legitimately benefit from extra testosterone.

Here are four of the major demographics that can put T-boosters to good use:

Men Over 35

According to, men start to lose testosterone around the age of 35. Since men of this age have many more years of wanting muscle and healthy sex, they may pursue other means to get more testosterone. Typically, men over 35 are excellent candidates for supplemental testosterone due to naturally decreasing levels.

Men with Weak Sex Drive

Men of any age may experience a low sex drive, and low testosterone is a common cause of that ailment. Over the counter natural ingredients like Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed offer quick solutions to sex issues, but if low testosterone is the issue, then boosting your levels with a supplement may be a longer term solution to the problem.

Since most of the ingredients on this list offer something to boost sex drive in addition to increasing testosterone, they should be highly-effective at restoring sex drive. It should also be mentioned that testosterone successfully boosts sex drive in women as well.

Men Who Want Muscle and Energy

A certain percentage of men may have not grown a lot during puberty, and have otherwise been unsuccessful at growing muscle. While men and women both can suffer from dissatisfaction with their physique, for men this will usually lead to a desire for more testosterone.

Since it’s the wonder-hormone that instills you with a strong drive for sex and muscle, a testosterone booster really can make the difference for a late bloomer.

Athletes and Bodybuilders of Both Sexes

Whether man or woman, if you’re on a path to athletic greatness, then testosterone is a powerful tool to get your muscles where they need to be. For bodybuilders who need a significant boost, hardcore testosterone boosters that require a whole pack per serving are available.

If you have your sights on competition and will spare no expense to get the muscle you need, then potent testosterone supplements can help you on your journey.

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Benefits of Boosting Testosterone

Testosterone is so important to men because of the three main areas it improves: Muscles, energy, and sex drive. Each of those are vital for most men, and crucial to living a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle.

Testosterone begins to take effect at puberty, turning boys into tall, muscular, young adults. Testosterone continues to play a powerful role throughout men’s lives, and T-levels are known to be strongest between the ages of 20-30.

How to Boost Testosterone

If you decide that your life, health, or fitness could benefit from an increase in your testosterone level, then several options are available.

These options range from a simple change in habit, to a prescription testosterone booster, and each will play a key role in raising your overall levels of this potent hormone.

Here are four testosterone boosting options in order from least to most expensive:

Join a Gym or Get a Trainer

This is for men who haven’t been following a real deal, challenging, workout plan on a regular basis. WebMD confirms that exercise can boost testosterone in those that don’t currently have a rigorous workout plan.

One thing that is emphasized is that consistency matters, so seeing benefits requires exercise to become a habitual part of your life. For men who are already in phenomenal shape, a supplement may be the next safest step.

Testosterone Supplements

A wide variety of over-the-counter testosterone boosters are available, ten of which are reviewed on the list below. These t-boosters shouldn’t be underestimated, as they contain potent doses of ingredients like Fenugreek, Tribulus, and DAA depending on the brand.

Note that the supplements are different enough that if one doesn’t work for you, another might have completely different ingredients that will have a different effect on your body.

See an Endocrinologist

If working out and taking a testosterone boosting supplement still do not get your sex drive and T-levels where they need to be, then seeing a professional endocrinologist is an option.

Endocrinologists are doctors who specialize in hormones, and they are familiar with all of the major ailments caused by low testosterone. They might be able to pinpoint a solution you haven’t thought of, or prescribe a medication if necessary.

Prescription Testosterone Boosters

For those who convince their doctor that they could benefit from extra testosterone, numerous patches, gels, injections, pills, and other methods are available to increase testosterone.

For example, the National Library of Medicine explains how a transdermal patch can be prescribed to a man with low testosterone levels, usually for the purpose of reversing impotence and regaining sex drive.

As expected, prescription testosterone boosters can be powerful and expensive, so it’s recommended to try the previous steps before resorting to prescription meds.

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What Are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone is the quintessential manly hormone, and it’s crucial for the aggressive, hunter traits that men are known for. Not surprisingly, the quest for bigger muscles and more energy leads men to want more of this powerful substance.

Where there’s a need, there’s a supplement, and dozens of companies have created products that make bold claims about how they can boost testosterone. Fortunately, the days of easily scamming customers are over, as everything from scientific research to personal reviews are widely available to sort out the best from the rest.

How to Take Them

Unlike fat burners, testosterone supplements really require you to engage in an intense workout to reap the full benefits. Those who get this without working out will have raised libidos, but will otherwise waste the powerful boost provided by testosterone supplements.

The ideal way to take a testosterone booster is as part of a well-planned and updated workout regimen. When taken that way, the overall boost in energy from the supplement can be focused into getting increased gains on the track, field, or weight room.

Are Test Boosters Safe?

Testosterone is no joke, and those who take too much of it are prone to experiencing side effects. It’s a potent hormone and can affect your mood and emotions, as well as give you a boost in the gym.

Note that it’s not uncommon to feel more aggressive while on testosterone, so dealing with that may take some getting used to. Proven side effects of too much testosterone include oily skin, acne, and ironically estrogen.

According to the Testosterone Centers of Texas (TCT), when your body gets more testosterone than it can process, it gets converted to the female hormone, estrogen. Too much estrogen in men leads to feminine symptoms within the male body.

Therefore, bodybuilders who have been loading up on too much testosterone for years will eventually have the big sensitive breasts and wild mood swings that are side effects of excess hormones.

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How to Pick a Good Testosterone Booster

Differences between the testosterone boosters are many, and range from their key ingredients, to how much they enhance your sex drive.

While individual customers will have different preferences in a supplement, the following three categories are worth comparing in each case. The factors of price, dosage, and extra effects may contain important selling points or deal-breakers to the majority of customers.

Price Per Dose

Several testosterone boosters on this list are surprisingly affordable for the ingredients they use, but others are priced up to five times higher than average.

In all cases but one, Amazon prices were used for consistency, and the price per similar sized bottle is used for easy comparisons. One note regarding the price you pay for testosterone boosters is that they’re not made to be taken forever.

Most of them recommend cycling on for one or two months, and that’s sometimes enough to leave testosterone levels at an increased level. Either way, price is included in each explanation so you can see what fits into your budget.


Though underestimated, dosage is an important issue in whether someone will actually use a testosterone booster. While hardcore gym rats may laugh at this, the fact is that most men don’t want to choke down entire packages of large pills with every meal.

Even if taking 12 pills a day is ok at first, it may get old to some customers when they’re doing it daily for weeks on end. Luckily, testosterone supplements are available in various forms, and a lot of them only require three or less capsules per day.

Flavored powder versions are available in most cases, but bottles of capsules were used in this list for purposes of easy comparison.

Extras and Ingredients

Since some of these will hype you up, and some contain melatonin to knock you out, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to the extras when buying a testosterone supplement.

All of them have sex enhancing effects as well, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to the ingredients that work best for you in this, and all other aspects. For instance, if Yohimbe works especially well for you, than a quick check to make sure it’s in the ingredients list will help you make a compatible purchase.

Writing down certain ingredients that are successful for you and keeping a journal of results are ways to make sure that you’re getting the most value when buying supplements.

Importance of Testosterone Booster Reviews

Although these products have the goal of boosting testosterone, in some cases, they contain completely different active ingredients.

Not only does that make each product vastly different, but the extra effects of each product are widely varied as well. Some t-boosters include stimulants, while others are designed to be taken at night as a sleep aid. Some use all natural ingredients, and some load up on the latest lab innovations.

With so many differences, research and reading the reviews of others can help make a smart buying decision.

Wrapping Up

Sleep is a crucial component to any workout routine. The best testosterone booster for men helps ensure that you get the right nutrients to maintain extreme workouts, while promoting deep and relaxing sleep at night.

Those who suffer from low testosterone, or have trouble maintaining sufficient levels due to intense workouts owe it to themselves to ensure they are getting the right nutrition. Improve your physique and your sex life by taking the right testosterone supplement.

Even more than other types of supplements, testosterone boosters take drastically different approaches. Ranging the full spectrum from jam-packed with stimulants, to containing sleep aids, the only thing many of these supplements have in common is a general goal of boosting testosterone.

Only confusing matters is the fact that many of these key substances are newly implemented, and only available in one particular blend. Per using this list shows why research is important, because while the wrong t-booster can leave you disappointed and light in the wallet, the right one can take your fitness level farther than you ever imagined.

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