Best Multivitamins for Men (Updated Guide for 2020)

Some of the best multivitamins for men can mean a significant difference in behavior and overall mood throughout the day.

But which ones can accomplish this when combined with a healthy diet and fitness regimen?

Let us dive further into it and find out.

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10 Highest Rated Men’s Multivitamins

You don’t have the time to look through every label and every product with your busy schedule. Honestly, even if you did have the time, would you spend it on that?! We did. Just for you. That’s our job after all! We reviewed the highest rated multivitamins for your consideration.

This is our official list of the top multivitamins for men you’ll find out on the market place.

10. Gaspari Nutrition Anavite

Gaspari Nutrition Anavite

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  • Amino Acids included in Strong Doses
  • Contains Beta-Alanine, Carnipure, and L-Tartrate
  • Boosts Nitrous Oxide Levels and Vasodilation in the Bloodstream
  • Supports Strong Bones
  • Created Specifically for Athletes

Key Factors

Much more than just a multi-vitamin, Anavite by Gaspari Nutrition contains potent doses of key amino acids, in addition to the vitamins you expect.

These include A, B complex, C, D, and E vitamins, each in strong doses and highly-bioavailable. Additions in nitrous oxide levels and androgen receptor density aid in boosted blood vacillation, adding even more benefit to this unique and powerful multi-vitamin.

Who Makes It?

Gaspari Nutrition is the brainchild of Rich Gaspari, a highly-accomplished bodybuilder who competed throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Now he’s dedicated to innovative, potent supplements that make a real difference in your muscle growth and performance.

Notable accomplishments of Rich Gaspari include Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and winner of the first Arnold Classic in 1989. When selecting a supplement, the 30 plus years of experience that Rich Gaspari brings to the products adds a lot of credibility, and their website is loaded with additional info on achieving your fitness goals.

Bottom Line

Innovative, potent, and from a highly-experienced expert in the body-building industry, Anavite is a revolutionary product that combines solid doses of key vitamins with bio-available forms of amino acids for a powerful product unlike anything else out there.

If you’re a man who wants a muscular boost in addition to your daily doses of vitamins, knock them out in one capsule or scoop, since both are available from Gaspari Nutrition.

9. Centrum Men’s Multivitamin

Centrum Men’s Multivitamin

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  • Vitamins C and E Help Prevent Damage from Stress
  • Anti-oxidants Included to Boost Immune System
  • Vitamins B-6 and B-12 Assist with Heart Health
  • Nutrients Support Colon and Prostate
  • Magnesium Boosts Muscle Performance

Key Factors

Focusing on four primary advantages, Centrum Men’s Multivitamin is loaded with a complete list of your daily doses of key vitamins.

The priorities of this product are to boost energy, immunity, metabolism, and muscle function, each of which is identified as an important trait for men.

The doses are arranged to comply with those advantages, with B Vitamins included for their muscle support properties, and Vitamins C, D, and Zinc added to enhance immunity. For those who hate swallowing capsules, Centrum has Men’s vitamins available in chewable forms as well.

Who Makes It?

Arguably the most recognizable name on the vitamin shelf, Centrum makes a wide variety of vitamins, including their innovative new Vita-mints. This also includes specialized formulas for women and elderly people, in addition to the Men’s formula.

Their website provides an interactive source of info for a wide-array of vitamins, including a section known as the Expert Corner, a page that connects to dozens of health related blogs, articles, and advice from various experts.

Bottom Line

With a highly-recognizable brand and the advantage of extra Vitamin D-3, which is one of the purest forms of Vitamin D, Centrum Men’s Multi-vitamins are an extremely popular choice for a go-to, daily vitamin for adult men. Since only $11.99 will have you set for 200 days if you order on Amazon, Centrum Men’s won’t break the bank either.

8. MET-Rx Active Man

Met Rx Active Man

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  • Doses are Time-released
  • Boost Metabolism, Energy, and Bio-availability
  • Designed to Enhance Athletic Performance
  • Vitamins C, E, and Selenium help to Protect Cells
  • Minerals Improve Cardiovascular Wellness

Key Factors

Emphasizing a potent, time-released formula designed for the needs of athletes, Active Man by MET-Rx was designed for men who live a fit lifestyle. In addition to all the vitamins you need, Active Man contains dozens of other ingredients, including a BCAA blend with amino acids, and a metabolism boosting blend, among others.

It should be noted that Active Man contains an absolutely massive variety of ingredients, and provides multiple functions ranging from anti-oxidizing effects to a blend for increased bio-absorption.

Who Makes It?

With over two decades since their first protein powder was on the market, MET-Rx is an industry leader that is truly dedicated to the needs of athletes. With a distinct tagline of “Fueling the Legit Strong”, and a clear dedication to real, reliable supplements, MET-Rx is best known for their Big 100 Protein Bars and supplements including Creatine Blast.

Bottom Line

At a price of $16.69 for 90 capsules and a slew of useful benefits, every male could benefit from a dose of Active Man. From the metabolism boosting and amino acids, to thorough doses of the vitamins and anti-oxidants that matter, Active Man is oozing with benefits for all types of athletes.

7. Controlled Labs Orange Triad

Controlled Labs Orange Triad

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  • Lubricates Joints and Cartilage
  • Developed for Hardcore Athletes
  • Provides Boosts to Recovery Speed
  • Helps to Decrease Aging and Bone Degradation
  • Six Capsules Per Dose

Key Factors

With a whopping six capsules required for each dose of Orange Triad, there is no doubt that you’re getting potent amounts of everything in there, so what are the most notable ingredients besides vitamins?

For starters, Orange Triad makes a bold claim that it helps support joints and minimize joint pain, a claim which it backs up with an impressive array of potent ingredients, ranging from Great Knotweed, to R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.

In addition to vitamins and joint health, Orange Triad focuses on helping digestion, a feat it accomplishes by including Ginger, which is known to be good for stomach ailments.

Even that doesn’t fully capture the advantages offered in each, 6-pill dose of Orange Triad, because it also helps the immune system with herbs like Echinacea.

Who Makes It?

Controlled Labs is a supplement company that foregoes the rigid branding of many other companies in favor of a more daring, fun, and extreme product line that will appeal to hardcore athletes. Rather than simple, science-oriented names, their products are separated by function, with each type of supplement separated by color.

This means their orange series focuses on overall health, while pre-workouts like White Rapids, and creatine supplements like Green Bulge are designed to improve other aspects of your performance.

Bottom Line

While men who workout on a casual or regular basis may be intimidated by the 6-capsule, double-daily dose of nutrients provided by Orange Triad, they should be, because it’s clearly stated on its page that it’s specifically made for serious athletes.

While the regular man may not need extra protection for joint health and digestion, these are but two of several advantages offered by the extremely high-potent multi-vitamin known as Orange Triad.

6. MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin

Muscletech Platinum Multivitamin

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  • Rich in Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E
  • 865 mg of Amino Acids
  • 20 different Vitamins and Minerals
  • Designed to Take Health to the Highest Level
  • Three Tablets Per Day = One Dose

Key Factors

A beast of a multivitamin, Platinum Multivitamin by MuscleTech has won awards for its innovative blends that accompany the typical list of highly-dosed vitamins.

These extras are significant, and include blends for Amino Support, Mineral Support Complex, and an Herbal Matrix that includes light doses of stimulants, such as Green Coffee Extract.

This combination of the daily dose of vitamins, an herbal energy boost, and muscle support from amino acids provides a significant daily boost that you’ll miss when your bottle runs out.

Who Makes It?

MuscleTech creates a massive variety of supplements for athletes of all levels. They emphasize the importance of research, and offer an array of potent supplements divided into five series, like the Pro Series, Lab Series, and Performance Series. Their website provides interesting info on training, featured athletes, and research that has been done on their various supplements.

Bottom Line

Winner of the award for most innovative brand of 2014, MucsleTech Platinum Multivitamin offers a lot of advantages. At about $12 for 30 days’ worth of servings, it’s an innovative multivitamin that boosts energy and amino acids, available at a premium price-per-dose compared to a lot of competitors in the industry.

5. Garden of Life Vitamin Code-Men

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Men

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  • Free of Gluten, Dairy, Fillers, and Binders
  • Assists with Heart, Prostate, and Eye Health
  • Increases Mental Clarity and Physical Energy
  • Features RAW Blends for Antioxidants and Enzymes
  • One Dose = Four Capsules

Key Factors

With a strong emphasis on organically grown, raw vegetables, Vitamin Code-Men is a fully-loaded vitamin supplement created by Garden of Life. Reading the ingredients list is like a stroll through your local farmer’s market, as everything from organic strawberries and blackberries, to Brussel sprouts and green bell peppers, each brings their nutrients to the blend.

The extra immune support and antioxidants come from organic sources as well, creating a strong, natural supplement that is dedicated to improving the health of any man, regardless of how active they are.

Who Makes It?

Showing 100% dedication to clean, home grown, organic foods, the website of Garden of Life is full of behind the scenes photos of their farms and info on their process.

Anyone hoping for more info is encouraged to visit their elaborate website, which expands on their sustainability, the importance of clean food, and even has healthy recipes to try at home.

Bottom Line

Containing enough variety in fruits and veggies to stock the produce section of a supermarket, Vitamin Code-Men will shine above the rest for those who love natural, organic ingredients. Lacking the amino acids in other blends on the list, Vitamin Code-Men focuses purely on optimal health through clean, freshly grown ingredients.

4. NOW Foods ADAM

Now Foods Adam

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  • Saw Palmetto Helps Prostate Health
  • Vegetarian Capsules or Softgells
  • Ginkgo Biloba has Numerous Benefits Including Mental Clarity
  • CoQ-10 is an Antioxidant that Supports Healthy Metabolism
  • Iron-free

Key Factors

With a mantra of only using ingredients that are beneficial to overall health with none that are unnecessary, ADAM by NOW Foods is a fairly basic blend that checks all the boxes of a complete multi-vitamin, but with a few added benefits.

Among these additional ingredients are CoQ-10 as an antioxidant, saw palmetto for prostate health, and ginkgo biloba for a host of advantages. For those who aren’t a fan of the larger than average capsules, NOW Foods makes ADAM in soft-gel form as well.

Who Makes It?

Unlike most other companies on this list, Now Foods is a company that actually sells foods rather than focusing on bodybuilding supplements, which explains its emphasis on sticking to basic vitamins and herbs. For health-conscious foods like Stevia, teas, snacks, and olive oil, NOW Foods is committed to whole, natural ingredients.

Bottom Line

Anyone looking for all of the vitamins they need without a lot of extra stimulants or amino acids is likely to be very happy with ADAM. Additions like Echinacea and Saw Palmetto add bonuses to overall health, and the lack of significant amounts of amino acids or stimulants won’t leave you feeling hyped up after taking ADAM.

3. Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

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  • Boosts Energy and Endurance
  • Super Vitamins and Complex Proteins
  • No Colors, Starches, Artificial Preservatives, or Sugars
  • Advanced Bodybuilding Nutrients
  • 2-packs Required Per Day – 11 Pills per Pack

Key Factors

First, it has to be mentioned that a daily dose of Animal Pak consists of two packs, or 22 pills per day. If that hasn’t frightened you off, then you maybe hardcore enough for this beast of a multivitamin.

With an astonishing 18 amino acids, a blend to help digestion, and a variety of natural ingredients that boost performance, Universal Nutrition has created an insanely powerful multivitamin in Animal Pak.

If vitamins are also a concern, then don’t worry, because Animal Pak has 9000% your daily value of Vitamin B6, and a full gram of Vitamin C, so your body will be getting the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive.

Who Makes It?

Universal Nutrition is the makers of Animal Pak, but has been making history in the bodybuilding industry since the late 1970’s. Their website is truly unique, designed with music, videos of weightlifters, and icons that link to additional sections.

Their Animal Pak multivitamin supplement has its own website complete with diet, training, and lifestyle advice.

Bottom Line

Make no mistake, Animal Pak is not for casual lifters, but for those who will go to any length to see gains in muscle. The commitment to taking 22 pills each day is one that not everybody is ready for, but serious lifters will find a kindred spirit in Animal Pak due to its huge amounts of amino acids and nutrients muscles need.

2. MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Pack

Musclepharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Pack

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  • 25 Fruit and Vegetable Extract
  • Ultra-purified Fish Oil for Reduced Inflammation
  • Supports Joint Health
  • Features Cognitive Support Blend
  • Boosts Fat Loss, Energy, and Metabolism

Key Factors

Top-quality and ambitious, the Arnold Series Iron Pack has unique advantages that no competitors can match. While it is loaded with superfood extracts, potent vitamins, and an alpha male blend with five amino acids, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Each daily Iron Pack also offers a blend for liver health, mental cognition, joint performance, antioxidants, and fish oil. This covers your health from a lot of different angles, offering high-doses of proven ingredients.

Who Makes It?

Arnold Series is the legendary bodybuilder, governor, and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s product line with MusclePharm. Each supplement in the Arnold Series shares the qualities of being fully loaded, and offering unique advantages not found elsewhere.

This means the price for his products gravitate towards the upper end of the market, but also offer tons of potency and value in each dose. Peruse Arnold’s website for charity info, videos, and masterful tips on bodybuilding written by paragons of the industry.

Bottom Line

Essentially the Tesla of multivitamins, Arnold Series Iron Packs are highly-innovative and powerful, but out of a lot of people’s price range. If you don’t mind investing over $1.25 per day in a multivitamin that does it all, then Arnold Series Iron Packs may be the only hardcore multivitamin that’s fit for a legend.

1. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Optimum Nutrition Opti Men

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  • 75+ Ingredients and Four Blends
  • Nutrient Optimization System Ensures helps Bioavailability
  • 1,000 mg of Amino Acids
  • 350 mg of Vitamin B Complex
  • Eight Exotic Botanicals

Key Factors

Designed as nutritional insurance for active men, Opti-Men is a high-quality yet affordable supplement from Optimum Nutrition.

Don’t let the fact that it’s highly affordable and only three tablets per dose fool you, because Opti-Men has eight amino acids, and packs a real punch for those who want to grow muscle.

Otherwise, it uses natural ingredients to take your health to new heights, with a Phyto-Blend that consists of 20 fruits and vegetables. With all of these extras, amino acids, and blends, you might expect to have to swallow a bunch of pills with each dose, but that’s luckily not the case.

Opti-Men makes their pills easy to swallow, and recommends one tablet with each of your three meals per day.

Who Makes It?

Cleverly abbreviated to “ON” throughout their website, Optimum Nutrition develops supplements that help grow muscle and maximize health. Color-coded by Protein, Strength, and Health categories, the products of Optimum Nutrition span a wide-array of categories.

For example, the Protein Products section contains everything from Platinum Tri-Celle Casein, to 100% Egg Protein.

Also notable is that their website clearly displays prices and selling points to all of their products at a single glance. This is especially noticeable since a lot of over-priced supplement companies require you to click on multiple pages before they’ll reveal a price.

Bottom Line

Perfectly combining effective, potent ingredients with an affordable, easy to swallow blend, Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition will be the top choice for a lot of active men.

Whether you’re lord of the gym, or just get workouts in when you can, the eight extra amino acids and reasonable price are among the key benefits that make Opti-Men a solid choice for anyone.

A Man’s Guide to Multivitamins

Countless health conscious males across the country struggle regularly while deciding what some of the best multivitamins for men are. While a healthy and balanced diet paired with consistent exercise should be the foundation of physical wellness, doctors often stress the importance of taking multivitamins on a daily basis.

In addition, regardless of current fitness level, the body doesn’t mind some organic help especially since there is always room for improvement. However, there are a number of brands, potencies, and recommendations that can lead an average consumer to become a little confused.

There are an assortment of vitamins that contain antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes, vitamin D, and magnesium along with a myriad of other nutrients that will assist you in your pursuit of a happy and healthy life.

So, instead of rummaging through aisles of cryptic and scientific descriptions, take a look at a our listing of the top multivitamins for men.

The History of Multivitamins

In 1747, a Scottish doctor named James Lind discovered a cure for a disease that plagued sailors for centuries. The disease was scurvy, and Lind realized that it was a lack of Vitamin C that caused it. Knowing that citrus was rich in Vitamin C, the problem of scurvy was single-handedly cured by simply bringing a barrel of limes, or other such fruits on their voyage.

This story of how sailors came to be known as limeys illustrates the importance of getting your daily vitamins. While a lack of vitamin C causes scurvy, a lack of other key vitamins will harm other processes within your body. Unless you eat the right foods on a daily basis, then the lack of critical nutrients can result in serious health issues down the line.

Processes within your body that were interrupted by a lack of vitamins can evolve into more harmful ailments as you get older. Luckily, there are high-quality, scientifically scrutinized multivitamins available to fill in the gaps in your diet.

Designed specifically for men, you’ll find that the best among these multivitamins provide a lot more value than just your daily nutrients. Once you know where you fit in on the fitness spectrum and whether you’re ready for the most hardcore multivitamins which are loaded with muscle boosting amino acids, then you’ll be ready to make a smart purchasing decision and ensure you that you get your daily dose.

Why Take Multivitamins?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that consumers take a certain amount of essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. They didn’t choose these randomly, as each vitamin on the list serves at least one vital function that makes them a key component of staying healthy.

Unless your diet is perfectly well-balanced so you get the right nutrients, then a high-quality multivitamin can ensure that the many parts of your body keep running without an issue.

A lot of the processes that run smoothly if you have your daily vitamins will combine to leave your body in optimal shape and feeling its best, which is an excellent reason to get your daily vitamins.

Why Are Vitamin Deficiencies So Common?

There is an irony about vitamins, and it poses the biggest reason why numerous people don’t take them seriously. The irony is that although they are the vital building blocks of our body, people don’t notice effects when they take them, so many end up ignoring the need for vitamins.

Although we may not be able to instantly feel the effects of a multivitamin the way you can a comparably priced mocha with an extra shot from your local coffee house, the vitamins are actually doing many jobs throughout your body.

Since they’re active within your body, taking vitamins can be seen as doing proper maintenance on your car, as a vital process for keeping it running over the long haul.

As you’ll see from the summary on key vitamins, their important functions include growing tissue, helping blood flow properly, and keeping the skin and nails healthy, so ignoring your daily vitamin intake is not a plan for staying healthy long-term.

The Dangers of Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamin deficiencies are a serious issue, and a host of life-threatening diseases are caused by ignoring the need for certain vitamins. Although scurvy may be the most well-known, other deficiencies are equally devastating. For example, a lack of Vitamin D results in fragile bones, weak muscles, and even rickets in children.

Not enough Vitamin B-12 is just as bad, resulting in spine degeneration, loss of balance, and dementia. Even lesser known nutrients like folic acid are important, since a lack of it causes nasty symptoms like diarrhea, fatigue, and cardio problems. Since this is just a few of the many examples of why vitamins are vital to overall fitness and longevity, finding a high-quality multivitamin is definitely a healthy move.

Quick Look at the Most Important Vitamins for Men

While the average active man can probably give a decent explanation for what supplements like creatine do, it’s likely that they wouldn’t have a clue what Vitamin A or C is used for.

The vitamins are on nutrition labels for good reason, and a deficiency of any of them can lead to negative ailments. Here is a quick guide to the five most popular vitamins, where they’re found, and what they do for you.

Vitamin A

Tales of carrots being good for your eye sight derive from the fact that they are loaded with Vitamin A. Vitamin A is primarily found in fruits and vegetables, and its functions are varied.

Among the areas that are benefited from Vitamin A are bones, teeth, and mucus membranes. Anyone who cares about their looks will want plenty of Vitamin A because it’s also required for healthy skin.

Vitamin B6-B12

Supplements that improve mood and stress will typically have significant amounts of Vitamin B6 and B12, often arranged in a vitamin B complex.

This is primarily because Vitamin B6 plays key roles in brain function and red blood cells, and Vitamin B12 has a direct effect on the metabolism and nervous system. If you don’t get enough Vitamin B from meat and beans, then taking a supplement is recommended for this vital nutrient.

Vitamin C

Citrus and especially orange juice gets credit for having a lot of Vitamin C, but it’s also in a wide range of other fruits and vegetables.

However you get it, you’ll want to get your daily dose, because Vitamin C plays a key role in keeping teeth and gums healthy, as well as making new tissue, and healing wounds. If you’re craving oranges or other citrus, it could mean you have a lack of Vitamin C in your diet.

Vitamin D

Unique among all of the other Vitamins, Vitamin D is actually provided by the sun, earning it the nickname, “The Sunshine Vitamin”. Very few foods have Vitamin D in them, so sufficient sunlight or supplements are the way to go.

It’s an important one though, because it’s required for absorbing calcium, which helps form strong bones. To get more Vitamin D in your diet, it helps to be a seafood lover, since Vitamin D is found in marine creatures ranging from mackerel to shrimp.

Vitamin E

Found in meats, beans, and fats, Vitamin E is heavily involved in maintaining healthy red blood cells. It also assists Vitamin K with its task of holding blood together.

Vegetarians who don’t eat a lot of beans will benefit greatly from a supplement to ensure they get enough Vitamin E, because meats and fats aren’t commonly in their diet.

Multivitamin Benefits Men Care About

To compete in a market that’s saturated with similar sounding multivitamins, a lot of brands sell blends that are specifically designed for men. As you might imagine, muscle growth is the most popular extra you’ll find in men’s multivitamins.

This is accomplished by including amino acids like L-Leucine, and by doubling up on certain nutrients that are critical for muscle growth. Aside from amino acids to grow muscle, antioxidant blends and enzyme blends are both fairly common inclusions in advanced multivitamins.

Aside from preventing various diseases, antioxidants fight free radicals, and are vital to healthy bodily functions. Enzyme blends are included to help digestion, which is useful considering that some of the hardcore multivitamins on the list call for an entire pack of pills for each dose.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of muscle growth, antioxidants, and digestive aids, various brands have unique ways to capture the attention of men, and to craft a multivitamin that all men will love.

Differences Between the Top Multivitamins

If your expectation of different multivitamins is that each one contains slightly different combinations of vitamins, that’s not quite the situation. Instead, each of these products has a lot more than 100% of the recommended daily vitamins, but then they also have tons of other ingredients.

You’ll find that these extra ingredients are arranged in proprietary blends, which usually give you a good idea about what they do just by viewing the label.

Some of the extras that are common among the top multivitamins include amino acids for muscle growth, antioxidants, digestive aids, and mild stimulants for metabolism boosts. Dosage is another difference to be aware of, since a daily dosage can literally span from 1-22 pills.

Finally, price is a factor for a lot of people, so you’ll find that the more fully-loaded multivitamin supplements are typically the most expensive, in addition to the brands with big names or elaborate packaging.

Types of Brands on the Top Ten Multivitamins for Men List

The spectrum of brands that make innovative men’s multivitamins includes four main types of companies. The most commonly available, mainstream vitamins will be from Centrum, a company who focuses on vitamins for different ages and genders.

Aside from companies that focus specifically on vitamins, some healthy food companies also have lines of multivitamins, often stocked with all-natural ingredients. The third category of companies that sells vitamins are those that cater to casual athletes.

This type of products offers some muscle and energy boosting effects beyond the vitamins, but still has a reasonable price and an easy dosage. The last type of brands that make multivitamins is pretty much for the hardcore bodybuilders and other competitive athletes.

The biggest reasons those vitamins are hardcore are because their dosages are often more intense than the average man wants to deal with.

Finding Advanced Info on Vitamins

For those who want to go deeper into the vast topic of vitamins, you’ll find that there are a lot of different aspects to learn about.

Whether you want to be an expert on the foods that have which vitamins and how to compose a perfectly balanced diet, or if you want to learn about the chemicals which are extracted to make specific vitamins, the depth of knowledge is continuously evolving.

Fortunately, reliable resources are available for finding the info you need on the most crucial vitamins. Medical websites like WebMD, as well as popular books and documentaries reaffirm the importance of nutrients with valuable info from strong sources.

Wrapping Things Up

Although each vitamin on the list is noted for its value to men, the biggest differentiation among the top multivitamins is how extensively they focus on hardcore bodybuilders.

If you don’t fit into that category, then you probably aren’t going to be into a multivitamin where you’re taking a pack of more than ten pills per day, or loading up on amino acids that aren’t important to you.

That said, as men, most of us do care about growing muscle, getting the nutrients we need in one dose, and taking an energy boost to go along with it. It’s just up to each individual to decide how hardcore of a multivitamin they need to get their muscles and body in the shape they desire.

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