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importance of organic food

The Importance of Organic Food in Your Diet

The buzz about organic food has been going strong for a while and for all the good reasons. Seeing that we’re being more and more surrounded by processed foods and GMO, eating organic food has become a form of luxury, which is ludicrous, but true.

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Are We Headed Towards a WALL-E Reality? The Dangers of the Fat Acceptance Movement

As the bewildered robot scoots away in hesitation not knowing what to do, the annoyed human aggressively reaches a little too far out and rocks himself out of his chair. EMERGENCY! As if an accident had just occurred, two robots immediately come in to redirect traffic out of the fallen human, who is on his back begging for help, similarly to when a turtle is turned over on its shell and rocks waving its limbs helplessly.

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How to Lose Weight in College – 20 Tips To Guide You There

College is a time for meeting new people and putting your best foot forward. Whether it comes easily for you or not, part of showing the world your optimal self is staying fit, strong, and healthy. With all of the academic and social concerns of college, it’s understandable that it can be hard to find time for a regular workout. Luckily, there are numerous small ways we can contribute to fit and healthy lifestyle, even while dealing with the trials and challenges of collegiate life. Whether it’s a subtle alteration in your diet, or a way to add exercise to your normal routine, each of these tips will help you stay in top form during your college years.

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Health Benefits and Costs of Owning a Pet

Many homes choose to take on the blessings of pet ownership. Pets often fulfill the desire for companionship and can also indirectly connect pet owners with each other. They can be used for rehabilitation, service animals for the disabled, as emotional support animals, as the ultimate ice-breaker during social situations or simply becoming a new best friend.

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Cardio Before or After Weights – Does it Really Matter?

Among the most widely debated issues in the world of fitness is whether to work on cardio before or after weights, and whether the order of the two workouts even matters. Although research does exist on the issue, it’s likely that even the most experienced personal trainers in your favorite gym would be split on which workout is ideal to start with.

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Dorm Room Workouts – Staying Fit Throughout College

Dorm room workouts are important because college years are the most formidable and memorable years for millions of coming of age students throughout the world. A key aspect of life for kids who are lucky enough to attend a university is the fun and challenge of living in a dorm. From nosy resident advisers, to wildcard roommates, life in a dorm may inevitably require some adjustment.

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Best Nootropics – Top 10 Nootropic Supplements

From L-Theanine to Bacopa, GABA to Piracetam, some of the best nootropics used in these blends are known to enhance your brain functions in various ways. Some products on the list may have an energy boosting effect, while others include melatonin as a sedative. While some nootropics focus on mood enhancement and stress relief, others stick specifically to cognitive functions, such as memory and mental performance.

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Best Activity Trackers – Top 10 Fitness Watches & Bands

It's time you add the best activity tracker to your fitness goals! Nowadays, the tools we have to help us on our path to optimal fitness are plentiful. From elaborate supplements that boost energy and muscle growth, to detailed apps that guide you through various workouts, the variety of ways you can enhance your exercise routine increase every year.

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