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15 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym


Going to the gym, you should have one goal in mind, to put in the work and get the results. Oftentimes however we get sidetracked and do one or more of these fifteen gym don'ts. Here are a few helpful rules to live by to not only maximize your success in the gym, but piss off as few people as possible along the way.

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20 Amazing Gyms Around the World – Stay Active While Traveling


People around the world recognize the need to exercise and have made it possible to do so almost anywhere at anytime. It can get boring doing the same gym routine. However, many gyms are designed around beautiful scenic views and offer various fitness programs that allow their members to spice up their regular routine. All gyms worldwide share the same goal and that is to keep people moving.

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Best Climbing Ropes – Top 5 Fitness & Crossfit Climbing Ropes


Rope climbing is a classic way to build fitness. It appears in a number of modern races and challenges, like the Spartan Race, and it promotes fundamental strengths and skills that are universally applicable. As great as rope climbing is, it comes with some inherent dangers. If you can’t trust your rope, then you can’t get as much from your workouts.

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The Pros and Cons of Morning and Evening Workouts


Many strongly believe that the early bird gets the worm – but, is this really true? Despite this popular mantra most fitness enthusiasts swear by, the best time to work out is an age-old debate because of the physiological effects working out can have over the body at different times.

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Best Crossfit Shoes Guide – Crossfit Shoes for Men & Women to Consider


Finding the best Crossfit shoes for your "Workout of the Day" and beyond just got easier. We've put together this handy guide for you in hopes of bringing you up to speed as to what you should look for, key features to examine when buying, review of some of the top Crossfit training shoes, and more. Investing in yourself just got a little easier, read on to learn more.

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